April Showers- What!

April is traditional (New England, USA) a month of moving out the snow and bring on the rain.  How empowering a good Cleanse can be.  I encourage everyone to take this time to clean and clear out not only there living space but those old patterns of thinking and behaving as well.  Get your self a Bloom made out of straw and just start sweeping.  Slow and in rhythm with your breathe.  one swept breathe in and the next breath out.  When you have masted the swept breathe combo turbo charge it with thinking about what you would like to release.  The urge maybe to sweep with a force reckon to the frustration you may need to release and I totally get that – but wait.  Too many booms to replace and too little time.  If you need to release and forgive yourself and others and vigor is the necessity I suggest a good power walk first or a good shake it out dance.  Then get the broom ready to the breathe and swing.  You would be amazed at how the combination of the breathe, actions of movement, and intention to release can make all the difference –  we deserve.    So grab your broom and watch your spirit rise.

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