Ramona Interviews offers a fresh and very personal conversational format, where the sharing of fascinating stories and unique experiences builds a real connection with the audience.  Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly is a Motivational Speaker, TV Personality, Reiki Master/Teacher and Everyday Intuitive Writer.

Through this connection the audience can strengthen the common bonds that exist in all human experiences.  We don’t preach we reach-out to build the  inter connectivity needed today.  If Ramona desires to know about something then others will too!  Informing and exploring life challenges and accomplishments shape how we see the world and how the world will be for everyone.  Ramona Interviews offers the subjective questioning and variety of guests needed to spur just such conversations.  “Building connections one guest at a time.”

Ramona Pokoly is the Executive Producer and Host of “Ramona Interviews” which has been in production for over ten years with Worcester’s Cable Access Station, WCCA TV.  Ramona came to television production after two years of producing and hosting a children’s radio show entitled “Ramona’s Playhouse” for the Radio Reading Service, also in Worcester.  Ramona is very articulate, bright, and curious, her determination and skill reflect both in-studio appearances and on-location productions that inform and entertain her audience.  The host’s signature color is pink and she presents herself as calming, compassionate and delightfully expressive.

Ramona has a B.A. in Communications and was a stand-in for Carrie Fisher on the set of “The Women”.  Ramona is in collaboration with “Welder” is working on her first song, and continues her Social Media Lecture series with a focus on “Know Your Type” finding yourself in relationships.  Facebook: Elizabeth Ramona Pokoly.

Ramona is presently, working as an Executive Administrative Assistant  and has co-written digital media campaigns.    Ramona’s LinkedIn profile: