Be a Guest

Ramonainterviews reserves the right to determine what content is discussed on the show.  Please review our Facebook page and for the general set-up and vibe of the show.

Potential guests should fill in the Contact form on the website or email with their full name, email & contact information, and include a brief description of their topic, ideas, story, experiences, services/business along with their website address (if applicable).

  1. All submissions will be reviewed and answered within two weeks (email is usually quicker).
  2. If interested we ask for further contact via Facetime, Phone or Skype (about 10 minutes) in which interview questions and/or talking points will be discussed as well as dates and times.
  3. Confirmation via phone or email for the date and time is required by the guest a month in advance.
  4. We require a 48 hour cancel or reschedule notice via phone or email so that the studio can be booked again. 

How the Process Works:  

  • The studio is located at 415 Main Street, Worcester, MA 01608. PH: 508-755-1880.  You must book through Ramonainterviews first.  The studio requires a media release form be signed by the guest or if underage then by the parent or legal guardian.
  • The interviews are one on one but sometimes we change the set to accommodate a two to one ratio. The set will not look the same if we change the set to accommodate.
  • The Taping is done only on the 4th Monday evening of every month at 5:30pm and 6:15pm in Worcester, MA. USA. Please arrive 15 minutes early.   If you are over 20 mins late you forfeit your interview because the studio is booked back to back and closes after the last timed show.  If you are coming in from out of State or Country please let us know in advance and we can attempt to make extra time.
  • Editing can take up to 3 weeks to complete and upload.  Mini-clips are not guaranteed and must be agreed upon at the time of taping by Ramona personally.   A release form maybe required.

Guest Expenses and Responsibilities Explanations:  

  • All expenses the guest may occur getting to and from the Studio from your place of residence, business, or local venue are the responsibility of the guest.  Parking expenses are the responsibility of the guest.  There is no Fee to be interviewed by Ramona.
  • It is the responsibility of the guest to obtain any necessary clearances they may need to speak on their subject.  The public access station reserves the right to pull any show they are notified that the necessary clearances were not obtained.
  • Ramonainterviews is live to tape (without an audience) no other persons are allowed in the taping area but up to 3 extra persons can be in the studio booth at the time of taping.   No food or drink or pets are allowed in the studio areas.
  • You should arrive 15 minutes earlier then your scheduled time and leave the studio promptly after your allotted 45 minutes.
  • Photos can be taken after the taping in the studio and 5 mins is allotted for this activity.
  • Recording devises are not allowed in the studio. Non-ADA animals are not allowed in the studio and there are no childcare, pet care or dressing room facilities for the interview.
  • Any live performances must be approved in advance and all equipment must be brought to the studio and taken away at the expense and liability of the guests.  Ramonainterviews generally does not do full production live performances due to space considerations.
  • The station does offer a DVD of your show taping payable in advance. Discuss the timeline with the Show’s studio producer.
  • You will not leave the studio with a copy of your show as all content after editing will be uploaded to the