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Saint John Lennon – Daniel Hartwell

Making Civility Great Again – Kim Kerrigan & Steve Wells Website for Kim & Steve -how to get the book.

The Oracle Files: Escape – Masheri Cappelle

Angels Walking With Us – George Popovici

We Don’t Die – Sandra Champlain

One Door Closes, – Tom Ingrassia & Jared Chrudimsky

Reflections of a Love Supreme – Tom Ingrassia

Become Aware – Dawn Garabedian-Weber

The Politics of Stupid – Susan Powter

Tracking Trash – Lori Griffin Burns

Three Minutes Off Okanowa – Roy Andersen

To the Stars over Rough Roads – Donald F. Nelson


Daryl Silva, Film Director The Silva Screen

Peter Sulski, Worcester Chamber Music Society

Myra MacLeod, Musician


Dr. Jarrod Faucher, Geriatric at Grove Medical Associates – the unique needs in ageing

Dr. Donald Pelto, Central Massachusetts Podiatry P.C. – all about foot care

Dr. Karen Clickner, R.N.D. Naturopathic Physician – natural healing  consciousbodynatmed

Mary M. Bennett, Director Anger Management Program – how to recognize and act   Mary M. Bennett 

Jennifer Lish, Director of the Worcester Center for Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Tess Bois – One World Community Acupuncture – what it’s all about!


Art Around the World – A Series with host Jim Welu of the Worcester Art Museum (WAM) explains great works of art from the WAM collection.

Norman Mercier, President of the Worcester County Bee Keepers Association – how to care for bees

Gioia Persuitte, Cooking Show/UMass Medical School Dept. of Prev & Behav Medicine – cooking with Allergies


Tegan Chakrin, owner of Time to Downsize – How to prepare for life’s changes and get the help you need for moving, de-cluttering, downsizing or resetting your vacation home.  Interview with Tegan Great Tips for Downsizing

Catherine Harragian, Organic Garden Design – why it is important

Elaine Griffith, President Art is 4 every 1.  Painting for seniors

Lifestyle & Wellness

Kristin Westerberg Higgins, TaijiFit Instructor and Teacher – All ages and All fun. Modern Twist on Tia Chi.  Kristin Higgins Interview Getting into TaijiFit

Ramona Garcia, A series of talks – Psychic, Medium, Hypnotist, Minster, Public Speaker

Michael Pendragon, Psychic, Medium, Healer – journey to revealing your gifts

Tina Marian, Emotional Freedom Technique – tap your way to freedom

June House, Holistic Health Nutritional Counselor – wellness in your hands

Tom Ingrassia & Jared Chrudimsky – Mental Message Method Interview and preview for a Mental Message

Andy Migner “oneness” healings – explains the giving of this healing modality

Social Awareness

Evan Howland, The Venus Project

David Baker – A series of shows: Changing the U.S. Tax Code, Ron Paul

Kim Dawkins, Exec Dir Rape Crisis Center of Central Mass

Joseph De Rivera, Peace Studies

Bill Densmore, interview and topic; Center for Non-Violence Solutions

Clark University: Women in Sports- Host by Pat Brissette various guests CU 1942-1989.

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