Ramona’s Picks

Kimberley Bell, Author of Empowering YOU!

John Gentle Hawk talks about the making of a local Pow Wow – I was very moved by this interview and the spirit that was happening within it.  Thank you John Gentle Hawk for keeping the teachings and awareness of our native peoples.

Hypnosis, What is it all about?  Meet Shelia Berger and find out with Ramona

Daniel Hartwell, Author of the book Saint John Lennon which Ramona found to be a great read and Daniel is always a delight in the chair being a long time friend of Ramona’s. 

Ti Chi Fit with Kristin Higgins

June House Health and Wellness Coach is back and focused on Nutritional counseling and Reiki Healing

Dawn Garabedian-Weber talks about her Awakenings lectures and her new book inspirations 

Masheri Chappelle, Author of “The Oracle Files” 

Roy S. Andersen – His true life account of the bombing of Pearl Harbor as told in his book: Three Minutes Off Okanowa 

Big Bugs, David Roger’s exhibit at the Garden in the Woods. Hosted by Ramona’s young son Jeremy Abare.   

Carmelo Oquendo, TLC’s Next Great Baker Competition – talks about his experience with reality TV   

Mazen Ramadan, people of different cultures