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IMG_3449It is an honor to welcome you with all my heart. RA

Ramona started Tribeoflight7 on Facebook to provide a Name place to better communicate on the topics of wellness that grew beyond her guest interviews.


Tribeoflight7 – Facebook page has: mini talks, weekly messages of Ramona’s ponderings,  links to featured interviews, inspirational quotes, live free meditation, mini healing sessions, so much more.

Reiki Healing Sessions are Ramona’s passion and she is now booking for private sessions at via tribeoflight7 Facebook page- just friend and message me for details or email directly Sessions run:  $40 dollars for 30 minutes or $80 for 60 minutes.  Student and Senior discount on a 30 minute session are available.  Sessions are generally done at-distance.

BEOneMeditation  offer Free guided meditations that are available for you to download.  “Guided meditation is the best way to start a practice and learning about meditation”.  Ramona.

Instagram:  beonemeditation  offer daily quotes of insight or inspiration to move you through your day.



Follow or friend us to be part of the Tribe and positive comments are welcome.

Youtube Channel:

Be One Meditation

Free Guided introduction meditations, movement videos and lectures.